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Tanagra Resonance: which maintains an interesting relationship to the aesthetic principles of ancient Greece
  with this desire to transcribe a certain ideal beauty… the notion of aesthetics is important in my approach.
Use of fiberglass and carbon
Why this choice? A “masculine universe” material that sublimates and magnifies feminine and abstract imagery while favoring lightness and the search for the essential.
My creation has always favored the study of light and matter by using materials diverted from their primary uses. The fiberglass and carbon, reveals subtle plays of light while allowing the work of the material. Either I work in the mass and I create volumes that I freeze with resin or I work with the thread that I place flat on the canvas.
What interests me in this material is the knit, which differs according to the stitch… the texture, each section of fiber has its own uniqueness. Concerning the black carbon fiber, the mesh can be worked in the same way with a ready detail and which makes all its complexity, it is that it is very volatile, before being frozen by the resin.
I also use very resistant 2-component boat lacquers which give the finished canvas a shine, a velvety finish, preserving it from yellowing...and other deterioration.
The final rendering of the fiberglass and carbon is hard solid and waterproof.

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